Welcome Guide

Welcome Guide

Welcome to the Build & Sell in Public Challenge! Over the next 180 days, over a dozen founders will be competing in a friendly challenge to see who can build and sell their company on MicroAcquire from scratch for the most profit!

General overview

  • Founders have 180 days to build their startup
  • After 180 days, founders will partake in a YC style demo-day for their Micro-Acquire project
  • The goal is to generate the most profit from your sale, and to post your learnings along the way
  • Founders are to build as much of the project in public as possible, such as
  • Solo & team founders are welcome, alongside founders of any experience level. You don't need to know how to code, or have started a company before. This is an all-inclusive challenge!
  • This is a friendly competition. There are no hard rules, and we're here to have fun!

Winning & prizes

This will be updated in while we're still determining the event format & prizes.

Currently committed prizes

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